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Tuesday Laundry & Cleaners

or my my first Unreal Engine project, I gave a shot to make this laundromat environment, since movie scene color combination always attract me. I was a good try to make my own original unreal art. I designed the laundry machine and dryer. Customized props' decal. For the light, I build the flashing animation by building blueprint in Unreal engine. At the end, using some Megascans to polish the whole scene.

Images Slide



These are the kits that I modeled and textured myself using Maya and Substance Painter. One of my favorite parts is the white and yellow laundry machine. I also created an animation for the fan to make the interior of the laundromat look richer.

props' icons and source images

I collected these images while taking real-life laundromat photos. The detailed source images make the laundry machines look more realistic.


Floor Material

One of my favorite part for my laundromat project is this cjecker floor texture. Made in Substance Designer. And then imported in Unreal Engine 5 to combine with water material to do vertex paint. Final Render in Marmoset Toolbag.

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