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Space Capsule Cockpit

A Space Capsule Cockpit environment made in Unreal engine. Original concept art from Red Hong. This artwork was created during my last term at the Gnomon Demo Reel class. I have a deep appreciation for sci-fi art styles, and I'm grateful for the opportunity and time I had to explore creating sci-fi models and textures. Throughout this project, I learned numerous new techniques. Lastly, I fine-tuned the compositing in Nuke to emphasize certain elements and added window reflections on the glass. I'm really happy that the final look turned out well for my last term at Gnomon. 
Big thanks to my instructors at Gnomon Migual Ortege, Anton Napierala, Damon Woods and Javier Perez giving me many helps and valuable advices for my last demo reel project at Gnomon. And also my friends Grayson Cotrell, NIxon Poon, Dakota Smith and Phung Tran their support and feedback on this project. :)

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Channel Box

Unlit > Value > Z-Depth


Maya and Zbrush to customize most of the sci-fi models and textures in Substance 3D Painter. To enhance the scene, I used some Malte Ullrich SpaceshipKit and Megascan for additional detail. I also downloaded free HUD animations from YouTube and integrated HUD elements to recreate the HUD animation.


Tiling materials were created in Substance Designer, and the wall material was inspired by Javier Perez artwork, which greatly improved my ability to create tiling materials.


For the hologram aspect, I created a complete Unreal material to generate the Earth hologram, while the spaceship hologram was created using Unreal material and Niagara.

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